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But more importantly, he knows how straight men think. Philippine Coast Guard says that the probable cause why the vessel ran aground is due to the strong winds and waves.

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The ship was declared a total loss, and its charred hulk was finally towed away from the Asbury Park shoreline on March 14, According to one account, it later started settling by the stern and sank while being towed up the river. Irrespective of its cause, the fire aboard the SS Morro Castle served to improve fire safety for future ships. The use of fire-retardant materials, automatic fire doors, ship-wide fire alarms, the necessity of emergency generators, mandatory crew training in fire fighting procedures, and greater attention to fire drills and procedures resulted directly from the Morro Castle disaster.

Due to the great loss of life the disaster caused, many reforms in the licensing of merchant marine officers occurred, such as the establishment of the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Smoke billows from the burning midsection of the ship as it drifts toward shore. New York Daily News photographer Larry Froeber is brought back to shore after collapsing and burning his hands while shooting the fire.

Although there were 42 water hydrants on board, the system was designed with the assumption that no more than six would ever have to be used at any one time. When the emergency aboard the Morro Castle occurred, the crew opened virtually all working hydrants, dropping the water pressure to unusable levels everywhere.

The inquiries concluded that there was no organized effort by the officers to fight and control the fire or close the fire doors. More damning was the conclusion that, with a few notable exceptions, the crew made no effort to direct passengers to safe pathways to the boat deck.

From one bridge rarely two the ship is driven into both directions. Double-ended ferries are mainly used on rivers and lakes. She was the "Leviathan" and crossed the Firth of Forth. With train ferries one avoided reloading of goods from rail to water routes. Left, on the center section of a souvenir sheet from Sao Tome e Principe we see the first train ferry on Lake Constance, built in The length amounted to ft, the beam 39 ft; two engines with HP each.

In those days these ships looked like platforms with rails. Right, the ferry boat "Schwerin" is shown, built in As one can see on the stamp, she had a bow and a stern flap. Modern train ferries take railroad cars on two decks with up to five tracks side by side.

Car and train ferries have a bow and a stern ramp. Car ferries have several decks with different heights for passenger vehicles, trucks and buses. These ferries did not have a longitudinal bulkhead on the car deck. Any inrush of water poses the risk of capsize. That has already happened during smooth seas with an opened bow ramp. See also "Estonia" further below. The right stamp shows loading of a train ferry.

The two above stamps were issued , celebrating 70 years of train ferry service between Sassnitz and Trelleborg. In the center we see the map with the route crossing the Baltic Sea. On the left, the ferry boat "Rostock" year of construction , 6, GRT, 49 railroad cars, 20 trailers , on the right, the "Ruegen" year of construction , 6, GRT, 42 railroad cars, 74 passenger cars.

Both ships had two screws and 21 knots speed. Here we see two railway and cargo ferries with their travel areas on the stamps. On the left, a ship on the Klaipeda to Mukran route. She can carry railroad cars on two decks. The stamp and cover show the car and passenger ferry "Romanshorn". She is a double-ended ferry, with tdw, driven by two Voith Schneider propellers and was built in She can carry persons and 35 cars on Lake Constance.

On these two stamps we see typical Danish island ferries. On the "Bukken Bruse" it is recognizable that she has two bridges, one for each driving direction. The twin-screw ship ran 19 kn and carried persons in cabins, additionally deck passengers and passenger cars. As seen on the right label, she operates between Swinemuende and Copenhagen.

Time is money, also in the ferry business. Bobby then continues filming as the sexy marine gets dressed and prepares to leave. You on shore leave? Wanna hang out at my place and watch some lesbian porn? Bobby has almost no fear, and even less shame. But more importantly, he knows how straight men think. Want a cigarette? Watch as this buff, swarthy marine Latin or Italian perhaps?

This guy is clearly straight and could easily be a porn star , and all Bobby had to do was ask… Watch and learn, peeps!

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